Earthquake monitoring in association with larger tectonic processes, geohazards, and precursory phenomena

A large proportion of earthquakes detected by the Norwegian National Seismic Network (NNSN is operated by the GEO, UiB), are located offshore. It is therefore natural to enhance the observation capacity with ocean-bottom seismographs (OBS). In general, detailed monitoring is needed in areas where earthquake activity is high (such as along the continental margin at Nordland-coast, offshore Møre, etc.). Another scientific target area for detailed monitoring is along the mid-oceanic ridge in the Northern Atlantic, where processes such as plate-tectonics of slow-spreading and interaction between the submarine volcanic activity and earthquakes take place. In addition, the micro-earthquake activity and the swarms can be used as precursors of the hydrothermal activity along the mid-oceanic ridge. Microearthquake activity could also be monitored for gas-hydrates.

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