Marine geology

The main interests are in sedimentary processes on the seafloor and gas-hydrates


Repeated micro-bathymetry measurements of the pockmarks will allow us to quantify the sedimentation and to detect:

  • Their origin and development,
  • Stability over time. 
  • Biological diversity and ecosystems

Interaction between:

  • Gas-hydrates,
  • Methane emission,
  • Slope stability.


  • Mapping them
  • Quantifying them, 
  • Characterizing their melting process,
  • Characterizing their implications for the slope instability processes (usually in shallow waters).

For mapping the gas hydrate, we need continuous measurements of gas-seepage and identify activities such as thermal vents. This can be done by video-monitoring, geoacoustic equipment, temperature and chemical composition measurements.
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