Figure from OOI
Observatory's framework and services: data management, operational management, admin management, modelling and simulation and integration and visualization.

To serve science, education and general public. Input from CMR Computing.

Delivery methods of data and products via internet using common exchange formats and standards based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF).

Via Internet Web Portals allow gridded data and products to be browsed, combined, sub-sampled, visualized and animated at the users own choice (e.g. GODIVA, DIANA, etc.).

Through Web Portals data and product downloads are authorized through password system (MOSTLY FREE, restricted on occasion). Data can be delivered in client specified formats including netCDF, HDF and GRIB.

Data and product transfer are done using sFTP and/or sOPeNDAP.

WebSys AS