09:15UT, 26 March, 2002 ; Picture from NOAA 14 weather satellite.

Methane gas hydrate

  • High latitude reaction to global warming

    • Change of methane flux started more than 50 years ago
    • Geo hazards (continuously monitoring of stress)
  • Plate tectonic (petroleum province more than 10 years ago)

The main areas of interest are plate margins and Arctic ocean.

CO2 leakage and deposition

  • Leakage

    • Controlled detection of leakage by injection of CO2 into sedimentary basins (small scale)
    • Array of seismic sensors on the sea floor in sandstone environment
    • Area of interest: sediment
  • Deposition

    • Basalt is more reactive than sandstone (convert CO2 gas to carbonate)
    • Area of interest: basalt with impermeable sediment blanket on top

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