Joint ESONET-NOON activities

ROV movie: implementation of the Håkon Mosby mud volcano observatory

LOOME (Long-term Observatory On Mud-volcano Eruptions) is a demonstration mission to establish a long term observatory on a methane emitting deep-sea mud volcano.

Dirk de Beer (Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany,

- Jurgen Mienert (UiT, Norway,
- Jean-Paul Foucher (Ifremer, France,
- Thomas Feseker (IFM GEOMAR, Germany,
- Michael Schlueter (AWI, Germany,
- Christoph Waldmann (Marum, Germany,

NOON cooperates with ESONET on its first Nordic demonstration mission observatory launched in 2009, and already started with seabed mapping for the second Arctic demonstration mission observatory to be launched in 2010.

                   RV Jan Mayen                                                 RV Polarstern

The movie below has been made by Marcel and Christoffer from the ROV team. Enjoy!

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