Workshop – Cable-based ocean observatories

COSMOS initiative and planned cable routes, nodes, instrumentation platforms, sensors and other equipments.


The Norwegian Ocean Observatory Network (NOON) in collaboration with NCE Subsea and University of Bergen invite to an open workshop where the plans of the research infrastructure COSMOS (Cabled Observatories for Monitoring of the Ocean System) are shared among the subsea industry and scientists from Norway and abroad.

Scientific institutions which aim to become users of the infrastructure and/or members in NOON are invited to join.

The industry is invited to discuss possible collaboration as technology development partners and suppliers. A total grant of 188 MNOK was requested to the Norwegian Research Council, 142 MNOK of which being allocated to direct expenses related to the establishment of the research infrastructure. The subsea industry is expected to be an important provider of services.

Place: Hotel Terminus, Zander Kaaes gate 6, Bergen
Time: 24.03.11, 09:00 - 15:00

Content of the workshop
The workshop will present initiatives for cable-based ocean observatories including the COSMOS application and inform about the planned cable routes, nodes, instrumentation platforms, sensors and other equipments related to the research infrastructure. The technical challenges are numerous as the observatories stretch down to several thousands meter depth. A close collaboration with the subsea and offshore industry is therefore a key to success. The workshop will also inform about the Norwegian Ocean Observation Network (NOON,, the initiator of the COSMOS application, and the scientific motivation and purpose of the research infrastructure. A NOON general meeting will be held at the end of the workshop. A short description of the COSMOS project proposal can be found here.

9:00Registration and coffee
Presentation of NOON network - aims, ambitions and projects
Jürgen Mienert, UiT
COSMOS in the framework of national and international marine observatory initiatives
Peter Haugan, UiB
Cabled observatories - new perspectives for international research collaborations in the Arctic
Mickael Klages, AWI
Possibilities for Subsea industry
NCE Subsea
Group session:
A: Technology challenges
B: Marine science perspectives
Plenum presentation on group sessions
NOON general meeting
Jürgen Mienert, UiT
End of workshop

Aim of the workshop

- Inform about the research infrastructure COSMOS (short summary attached) and the network NOON (
- Meeting place for industry partners and researchers.
- Explore the possibilities for the subsea industry as technology development partners and suppliers.
- Information on how NCE Subsea can contribute/funding opportunities for NCE Subsea’s members
- Discussion of new science perspectives opening up with the availability of cabled ocean observatories

Who should participate?
Industry partners and marine researchers are welcome to participate in the workshop. We encourage suppliers of cables, connectors, subsea installations, sensors, remote control systems, data management, integrated operation systems and related equipment to participate and discuss technical possibilities and requirements for integrating their equipment. We encourage scientists who are interested in using COSMOS infrastructures and wish to become members of NOON to participate and contribute to the discussion. The workshop also aims at collaborating and providing joint solutions for partners.

During the group sessions the participants may have 3 minutes each to express interest and present their products, solutions and ideas that could contribute to the realization of COSMOS (industry), or to present their research motivations for joining NOON and using the COSMOS infrastructure (science).

Registration within Friday 18 March.
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