Project partners

An overview of the partners in the national consortium NOON is given in the table below. The areas of expertise are roughly estimated. Several partners cover additional areas not listed in the table. The consortium is at a high level engaged in international infrastructure development of ocean observatories, e.g. in EMSO, ESONET and EUROSITE.

University of TromsøMarine geology, communication, fisheriesLeader of the consortium
Norway’s representative in EMSO, ESONET, HERMES
University of BergenOceanography, geobiology, seismology, marine biologyNorway’s representative in Eurosites Partner in the consortium
University of OsloMarine biology, InstrumentationPartner in the consortium
Norwegian Geotechnical InstituteInstrumentationPartner in the consortium and ESONET
Uni ResearchMarine BiologyPartner in the consortium
Christian Michelsen Research Instrumentation, data infrastructure, visualizationPartner in the consortium
Institute of Marine ResearchEcosystems, fisheries, oceanographyPartner in the consortium
SINTEFTelemetryPartner in the consortium
Norwegian Polar InstituteEcosystems, fisheries, oceanographyPartner in the consortium


Industry partnerTechnologyMotivation
StatoilHydroSubsea installationEcosystem monitoring
StatoilHydroVesterålen/NV SvalbardEcosystem monitoring
StatoilHydroFuture energyGas hydrates
AkerKvaernerInstallationsPotential partner
Aanderaa Data Instruments SensorsPotential partner
Kongsberg MaritimeAUV, ROV, telemetry, satellite surveillanceTechnology development


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